Temple Grandin, the Movie

Temple Grandin, the movie.   Recently, a friend asked me if I had seen the movie, Temple Grandin.  I have read at least one of her books, Thinking in Pictures, but hadn’t even heard of the movie. After my friend left, I went to www.piercecountylibrary.org and placed it on hold. Ronnie and I watched the movie and then watched the movie again with the audio commentary. We decided that a friend of ours would benefit from seeing it. So we watched the movie two more times one without and one with the audio commentary. All three of us wanted to watch it again without the audio commentary. Ronnie and I watched it 5 times and I had it checked out twice from the library so I think it qualifies for a movie we could buy. Temple Grandin is an adult autistic individual who has done very well in life — she has a Ph.D. in Animal Science, teaches at Colorado State University as well as travels speaking on autism. While some of her thoughts do not reflect the neurodevelopmental approach, I highly recommend the movie for the following reasons.
1) It is very well made.
2) The acting is excellent. Temple said in the audio commentary that Claire Dane did an excellent job of becoming Temple.
3) But more importantly, it gives those of us who are not on the autism spectrum an understanding of the kinds of sensory issues that those on the spectrum face everyday. The movie also talks about how Temple was teased and laughed at for being different. Hopefully, our understanding will help us be more kind.
4) Our friend, who is on the autism spectrum, could relate to Temple and agreed that it was well done.

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