Adolescence Today

In my last blog entry I introduced the topic of today’s adolescence. (See: During this exploration I will be reviewing books written on the subject. I welcome anyone’s comments here or on Facebook, but especially those parents who have teens and young adults in your family. For the privacy of these young people, those parents may answer these questions to my e-mail ( or Private Message me on Facebook ).

Social scientists observe that the period of adolescence (between puberty and the time when individuals enter the adult world with all of its responsibilities) has extended from around three years to up to 15 years. They don’t necessarily offer reasons why this change, but I believe that part of the solution is knowing the causes. What do you thing causes this?

1. Why do young people go through puberty (onset of adolescence) many years earlier now than a century ago?

In a recent teleconference, Young Living Essential Oils users offered the use of synthetic, chemical based personal products such as lotions and perfumes as a cause. In their experience they have observed this.

Does your personal experience match this? What other causes do you offer?

2. What family-raising activities / styles affect the time span of adolescence (the completion of adolescence)? Can the following affect the change?

a. Christian family?

b. Homeschooling vs. Private School vs. Public School?

c. Children are given responsibilities, beginning at an early age and grow as they mature?

d. Family industries consider each family member as a part of the successful operation?

e. Birth order?

e. Other possible causes?

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