Summer Enrichment and Remediation Through Family Academy Online and Center for Neuro Development


  • Want to use the summer for great benefit and also provide a change of pace for your child?
  • Want to have a Teacher Consultant to help you plan and be available throughout the school year?
  • Want to see if there are underlying learning challenges that affect the way your child learns?

Family Academy Online Offers

Scientific Learning’s

Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant

One parent who has had their children in the program since February, 2013 reports, “My child has taken off with reading.” Another likes the option of having a child work a little more independently with the assurance that the time is spent productively. Even a mom whose son just began in September is thrilled with progress just a few weeks into the program. Another student scored 4 months higher in his first 6 weeks of using Fast ForWord.

Scientific Learning’s Fast ForWord develops and strengthens memory, attention, processing rate, and sequencing – the cognitive skills essential for reading. By strengthening these skills, we see improvement in a wide range of critical thinking and reading skills such as phonological awareness, phonemic awareness, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, decoding working memory, syntax, grammar, and other skills necessary to learn how to read or to become a better reader. In over 250 studies, research indicates that learners can see achievement gains of 1-2 years in as little as 8-12 weeks. While Fast ForWord is a literacy based program, studies that monitor progress confirm that it also improves other areas because Fast ForWord teaches one how to learn. Fast ForWord is definitely based on the now, well accepted concept of neuroplasticity that extends throughout life. Interactive activities of this program follow the important concepts of short, frequent, intense (i.e. full focus) that distinguish neuroplasticity. Fast ForWord is a learning accelerator with recommended protocols of 30 – 50 minutes 5 times a week (ideally the daily sessions are spread throughout the day in 10-15 minutes sessions.) More recent studies state that children can even make progress with a 3 day protocol.

Scientific Learning’s Reading Assistant which improves reading fluency and comprehension. Once a student has progressed far enough in the Fast ForWord products, we have the option of moving them into Reading Assistant for one or more ten week session. Our next Fast ForWord / Reading Assistant session begins June 22, 2015. Those interested should contact us as soon as possible to get on the list.



We also provide online Family Support or Brain Training. Family Support provides assessments for all of the children who are enrolled in Family Academy Online and consultation throughout the enrolled period. Our Family Academy Online Teacher Consultant will help the parent plan the school year and meet periodically. Our Brain Training option begins with an assessment and then the student and parent have frequent video conferencing (some time with student and some time with parent to help with brain training at home). For example our Neurodevelopmentalist / brain trainer meets with the family two times a week for 30 minutes. As a part of the Assessment / Brain Training path, families may choose online programs such as Fast ForWord, Reading Assistant, Samonas Sound Therapy, Hear Builder and Spelling Vocabulary City. Our neurodevelopmentalist will use parent observations and the assessment to work with the parent to customize the optimal program for the child. These options have less rigid start times.

To learn more follow the Family Academy Online tab to the Getting Started tab on Steps will include free information in video seminars and articles. Finally, the parent submits a client history form and schedules a 30 minute free phone or Skype consultation to get questions answered and to discuss the different options.

Unlocking Learning Potential
Customized solutions to learning challenges.

Questions? Call Maggie Dail 253.581.1588 or email at

For more information about the products and services visit:  www.scilearncom


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