Introducing: Laura Barnes, Brain Trainer

1273403_10201180328804017_1852832432_oLaura Barnes graduated from high school from Moberly, Mo. in 1988.  She has been married for 25 years and has three children.  Laura has homeschooled her children and a niece for the past 20 years. She has taught yearbook in the Heartland Homeschool co-op last year, but also taught drama and P.E. in another homeschool co-op several years ago.
Laura is currently homeschooling her last child, who will graduate in 2016.  With her last child she has had many struggles over the years teaching him.  Last year he was tested and it was discovered that he had problems with dominance in his eyes and ears.  Since he has been working with a Brain Trainer he has made many improvements.  It is through watching her son’s  growth in education and in social settings that she was greatly encouraged. She also took an online course Overcoming Learning Challenges. Laura is seeking to help others who are working to make education more productive and more enjoyable.
With Laura joining us we will be able to help more families beginning this Fall.  Welcome, Laura!

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